The Best Of Everything

What is the best football team ever?
What is the best soccer team in the world?
Who is the best celebrity ever to have lived?
How many kings or queens are alive today?
Who is the richest person on earth?
How many presidents of the USA have there been so far?
When will the next world war be?
How many people are there on Earth?
How many immigrants cross the USA/Mexico borders each year?
How long will the next world war last?
Will nuclear weapons be used in the next world war?
Who was the best president of the USA?
How old was the oldest president of America
Should America invade Canada and annex it?
Should America take over any other country?
Should America invade Australia and take over the country?
Will America ever win any war?
Was the Twin Towers a real terrorist attack?
Are conspiracy theories worth time studying?
Can you really see the Great Wall Of China from space?
Is America about to suffer death?
Should Texas break free from the Union?
If Europe had a war with the USA who would win?
If America and China went to war, who would win?
Why did America not join the Second World War Sooner?
Should the queen of England be the queen of America?
Will Russia start the next world war?
How much money is there on earth?
Is there a question that cannot be answered?
How many colors are there?
Who invented the internet?
Did Great Britain have the biggest empire on earth?
What is the best baseball team ever?
When was the calculator invented?
Is it easy to become a millionaire?
What is the best occupation?
Should we leave the middle east to destroy itself?
How do you make a perfect omelet?
How many apples does it take to make 1 pint of cider?
What country produces the best beer?
Are dogs better pets than cats?
How many Baseballs would fit in the moon?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Did man really walk on the moon?
Have the Germans ever visited the moon?
Who was the worlds most wanted criminal?
Who really invented the light bulb?
Where does Santa Clause live?
Will global warming kill off all life forms?
Do fish feel pain?
Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
How long can food be kept fresh in a can?
Are smelly rotten fish eaten by Scandinavians?
What is the most expensive perfume?
Do fish have backbones?
How do you play the English game of cricket?
Are there any “empires” still left on earth?
Who is the greatest ever actor?
Who invented the internet?
What is the most expensive car ever?
Where is the biggest theme park?
Where is the biggest zoo?
What do they call the biggest diamond?
Is gold worth more than platinum?
Is there more males on earth than females?
What is the biggest elephant – an African or Indian?
How long is the longest train?
Were the Beatles the best pop group ever?
Was Elvis Presley really the King?
How strong in an ant?
How deep is the deepest ocean?
What is the funniest joke?
What countries still have capital punishment?
What is the fastest animal on earth?
Did man evolve or was he created?
Is the Bible the truth?